Monday, May 28, 2007

BY JEEVES, I think I've done it - I've worked out how to get one and a half space interlining, and all on my own. Or have I? Nope - seems like I haven't What have I done? Who knows? I don't. I guess I'll have to publish this and see what happens. The beauty is you can rub it out afterwards. To finish up, I'm going to include a photo that I love. It's the Faro de Trafalgar (of battle fame)on the Cadiz coastline in southern Spain. The beaches are wide, the pace is laid back, the Atlantic sea fresh and in the wrong places, treacherous - but it's the best place around here for chilling out. 

Friday, May 25, 2007

London in three days

Riding at the top of a double decker -
Trafalgar Square here we come!

WE MADE a lightening trip to London at the end of February. What a buzz - back in the centre of the real world just for a few days. Adios Spanish suburbia, hola big city. The Artist was on a mission to visit every art gallery and museum that was open. I was hoping for a rather slacker pace. 
He almost managed his objective but I did slow him down every time I succeeded in squeezing in a quick coffee somewhere before being whisked off to the next exhibition. If you're up for burning your throat, have tireless legs and just can't get enough of virgins, Renaissance landscapes and religion then it's fine. We saw truly beautiful paintings, others were awe-inspiring and then there was stuff that you just wondered how it had made it into a museum. I was OK with most of the contemporary work until I saw the red-triangle-on-purple-background legpullers that just don't do it for me.
I also sneaked into the gift shop at the Tate Britain and National Gallery but was very restrained, buying just two books - one on Turner and another on Impressionists. Which is just as well as I already have a shelf full of unread art books.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May rain, deadlines and non-starter diets

RAIN. What a luxury to wake, so late in spring, to the plop, plop, plop of water dropping from a broken drainpipe. Everything's soaked so no need to sneak around the garden watering the grass, at least not for two or three days. There’s no hosepipe ban but I still feel guilty. A wet-earth scent invades the air and it smells so good. Almost healing. Temperature is down so I can wear sleeves and cover up bulging-wrestler arms, at least today.
It's an early start at the office today so I drag bod out of bed. First day of new diet so exercise must accompany it so I walk to work with much huffing and puffing, as the route is mainly up hill.
Diet stopped at 10. The American brought in excellent homemade chocolate cake. It'd be rude to say no.
The American has also discovered some first class crisps, the good old, fried in a ton of oil, Spanish ones. He brought those in too. Diet finally shot to pieces when I realised I couldn't make it home for lunch so ordered fat-ladden sausage and bacon buttie on white bread from English bar next door. Must be stress-eating, or maybe it's just because I decided to start diet today.