Monday, November 29, 2010

It never rains, it pours

A LOT of water has gone under the bridge since I last wrote.  Most of it on Saturday and today. The first rain since the summer and it's tipping it down out there.  It's a great afternoon to be home, warm and cosy, and not have to venture out, but yesterday, after a very soggy Saturday, The Artist and I went for a short and slow walk around the village.  
It was one of those sparkly, crystal clear, bright autumn days - chilly in the shade but bliss in the sunshine.  
My first leisurely outing since my hysterectomy op three weeks ago.  
The Artist succumbed to a Spanish breakfast of churros (fried dough strips) while I munched a pitufo catalana (small bread roll with grated tomato, olive oil and serrano ham), the sun warming my back while we read the Sunday papers and sipped hot, black coffees.  Eventually, as the tapas and lunch crowd started arriving, we hobbled off around the village.  I made it to the church and back although we stopped a couple of times to rest on nearby benches, watching the world go by for a few minutes.  It was a glimpse of old age, if we're lucky enough to get there. 

Making the most of what the day offers!
Up by the church we leaned over the railings (wrapped up in jumpers and scarves) to admire the view down to the sea and found a woman making the most of the sunshine, stripped down to her bikini, in a quiet, sheltered (but overlooked) spot by a stream running through the gardens immediately below our vantage point.  I don't think she's there today.
It felt good to be back in the world and although I was tired after our outing, I felt a lot better for it.  
We knocked back a small beer on another sun-soaked bar terrace before making our way back to the car and home.  I'm definitely beginning to feel better.

Weather today: Local orange alert for heavy rain fall until 6pm. This means we’re expecting approx. 3 cms rain in any given hour and around 8 cms of rain over 12 hours. High 13ºC/55ºF. Low 9ºC/48ºF.  Easterly wind 19-36 km/h. Pressure 982 mb and descending. Relative humidity 94% and 85% chance of rain (Err, it’s been raining all day so I think they stopped short on that one). UV Index 2. Snow above 1,600 m.  
I've added the weather link to my blog today although it's sadly lacking in information and won't always say the same as my note here, which is a compilation of data from several reliable sites including the Aemet one.