Monday, January 12, 2009

It's late, it's cold and it's Monday

It’s late, it’s cold. It’s Monday and I’m tired, but I feel guilty I haven’t posted anything on the blog for almost two weeks – especially as I promised myself that I would be consistent – so here is proof that it is brass monkey weather. I should have posted other stuff too, but it’s been even more hectic than ever recently.

Today, at last – I have made it to the health centre where, weighed down with forms to fill and leaflets on all the different options I have to get myself fit, I dithered as to what option would be the quickest, least painful and that required the least amount of effort. I can see I am starting out with just the right attitude, hey. Will the flat-stomached, stick-insect me finally find the way out of this fat, bingo-winged version. It would be great. Having lost 10 kilos last year, (and put on several over Christmas, sniff) now is the time to get another 10 kilos off. Watch this space…