Sunday, November 30, 2008

TV stardom while the snow sneaks closer

I wish I could have a day in bed. Not tossing with fever or nursing a bandaged ankle. Just a day in bed. Wake up late, get a coffee, crawl back under the still-warm covers, snuggle down with a good book, and cuddle up to the inert mound of the usually very active Artist. Then I could drift off to sleep again. Although, truth told, by about midday I’d be getting all fidgety and nerviosa.

I’m only whinging because today was an early start for a Sunday, although totally laid back compared to yesterday’s 6am Up And At ‘Em. The Hockey Star had a match in Madrid, poor chap. The team left at 7am, played at 4pm, won the match, returned in the minibus and the Artist and I picked him up in the drizzling rain at 1.45 am this morning. We got to bed by 3am and I was showered and dressed by 9.30am ready for my next media star part. I’m glad to say that the Hockey Star didn’t fall out of bed until around 2pm.

Anyway, off I went (in my new wheels, naturally) to the office to welcome journalist and camera from the Andalucian TV company, where they were going to interview our football correspondent. Experience has taught me that if I go dishevelled and hair unwashed, they’ll want me in the shot too. So I washed the bouffant and wore my high heels, though I could hardly walk, but even then, they still wanted me in the shot. Me, on a football programme? Of all things. I doubt Andalucía will understand what we said, in our guiri Spanish. Here's hoping in any case.

The experience was painless and quick. I doubt I will be more than a fleeting shadow as a day’s filming will be reduced to four minutes on the screen. To celebrate my new celebrity status the Artist and I went along to the local bar for breakfast - black coffee, toast with tomato and olive oil for me – Big fat, fried, hot and crunchy churros for the Artist. Who said diet?

On the way home we stopped to admire the peaks beyond the bay, sprinkled with snow. If I hadn't got up to do the TV thing I wouldn't have seen the snow-capped mountains. Life is like that, it gives you little presents, and if we're lucky, the ability to enjoy them. (If you click on the photo you can actually see the snow).
Slowly over the last few days the snow has been creeping closer to home. Last night it rained quite heavily but today it has been gloriously sunny and crispy cold – just 10ºC at five this afternoon. The snow won’t get any closer but it’s lovely to see.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Why say yes when you really mean no?

Why say yes when you really mean no? That was what I was going to write about today. I had the whole thing written up in my head and just had to get to a computer quick. But I failed. Work got in the way and now I have forgotten the argument and I am too befuddled by tiredness to say much of worth. If you're unlucky, I'll get back to it another day.

Anyway, I'm tired but happy. It’s Friday, and the weekend stretches ahead and outside, in the street, sit my (hopefully) soon-to-be-new-wheels. I have been given the car to use all weekend to see how it feels and whether I want to buy it. I suspect I shall spend the next two days driving the Artist round the bend and then another, and another. Poor chap. Our old and battered silver Loretta sits dejectedly in the street, quite forlorn with the cocky red VW gloating behind. I feel quite the adulterer, but we need a car.

I confess, that it was love at first sight and that I can hardly say anything coherent because we only met today. Such excitement has left me yawning for oxygen, emotionally exhausted and the biggest car bore this side of Sierra Morena.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grey days

We woke early this morning to a lead grey day, tinged blue with icy light and 5ºC, although the kitchen window's thermometer was marking an enthusiastic 10ºC. It was cold, but didn’t feel like five degrees. However, Boloski Boy didn't agree, and for the first time that I can remember, our fat cat begged to stay indoors when we tumbled out the front door at eight o'clock. Luckily it hasn’t rained so far, and being carless, we’re more than thankful for that. After yesterday’s downpour, which drenched my hockey star on his way home from the instituto and covered the nearby mountains with snow, it’s been nice to dry out a bit today.
By mid morning the sun was gaining some ground but the winter weather has come ahead of its season and the next few days are set to be stormy, wet and cold. Ideal weather to be without wheels and a hot water heater. Guess that leaves one more thing to break before we get to the proverbial no hay dos sin tres or perhaps it was a la tercera va la vencida - three times lucky!