Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Appreciating rain clouds over my house

I have just had the luck to come across http://1000daysatsea.blogspot.com/

Quite amazing. I'd like to include here one of Soanya's entries because I think she sums up appreciation so well. It is something that would do me good to read every day. They are a couragous, or perhaps slightly mad, couple. I shall be following their progress regularly.

"Appreciation is an interesting concept. To consciously acknowledge your environment, the people around you and the events life puts before you as fortunate is like making every day Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes it's hard to even know that you've got it good until it's gone and you feel the absence. Appreciation makes you observe the details, to attempt to see what you haven't noticed before and be glad that you finally did notice it. It makes life richer and is not the kind of thing you need to spend money on. To always have a reverent state of mind is the most fulfilling and the moment you operate out of that state, life gets more difficult to deal with."

Life is full of surprises

LIFE is full of surprises, or perhaps I should say the post box is. Hardly a day goes by without some fast-moving reptile or insect shooting out as I put my hand in to pick up the mail. Today, gingerly, I opened the flap and something yellow, black and furry buzzed away. I think it was a bee, but it could have been a wasp. Inside by the lock, the beginnings of a nest. Summing up great courage I destroyed it. Much to my relief nothing else moved. Never in a hundred years did I dream that getting mail was so hazardous. I'll have to start getting the children to pick it up (wicked witch laugh)...