Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A white Christmas at last

No dreaming needed here, everything was white 

Mini Mama's incredibly delicious gingerbread cookies

Sigh.  Back to work although I had a marvellous Christmas in the UK.  My first white Christmas since I was about six years old although I didn’t have as much fun in the snow this time.  Back then I was an energetic little madame and revelled in the stuff.  Now I’m post hysterectomy, of a ripe age and worried about ripping my stitches, so no snowman building, snowball fights or treks through the countryside, but plenty of laughs inside the house instead.  
We almost didn't make the trip what with Heathrow being snowed in, but after much nail-biting, and angst-ridden moments the Hockey Star and I flew into LHR just as the snow passenger back log cleared. 
Literally the first day the airport was just about back to normal.
Before we started our journey I had the uncomfortable feeling we were ‘flying into the storm’, especially after our flight the day before was cancelled.  But we got away with just a three-hour delay. The HS carried cases, hand luggage, coats, the lot – he trundled along endless kilometres of airport passages laden down like a Tibetan sherpa’s donkey while I, Lady Muck, swanned along behind him.  I could get used to this "I've just had an operation" lark.  Still he carried out his task in good humour. 
Even so I was surprised just how tiring I found the trip.  
Waiting for us at the other end were Mini Mama, Grammy and Grampa, The Beast, Auntie and The Boys (three of my nephews). 
Roads were icy and fields covered in snow so it was batten down the hatches and enjoy the company.  Mini Mama had baked her heart out and Grammy had a fine menu prepared.  Christmas trees sparkled in every room; games were on the table; presents were stacked high; CD choirs were harking the heralds and the fire was lit, though not perhaps roaring, and we truly had a memorable time.
But before we knew it, the Hockey Star and I had been hurtled back across the sky courtesy of BA and Iberia, who were good enough to bring our cases along.  And here we are – back in our daily bubble – having said a sad farewell to the family, especially to Mini Mama.
The Artist, who knows what a good appetite I have, was waiting to meet us off the plane, armed with homemade soup, crusty bread and a large leg of Serrano ham which sent the Hockey Star into a frenzy. 
Alas, today I have returned to the office in the midst of a deadline and wheeled myself back behind my desk hoping no one would notice I was back. 
The day has gone well, although I haven’t resolved the problem yet of how to wish readers a Happy New Year when the splash is about a massive 10% electricity price hike that comes into force on January 1.  Plus a gas price hike too. 
After all you can't write "Happy New Year"and right underneath have Price Hike Start to 2011. Sounds sort of sarky or contradictory. Will try to resolve tomorrow - my brain cell is about as nimble as a farmer whose welly has got stuck in the mud.  I’m sure it’s been knocked for six by the anaesthetic. I’m just hoping it’ll get back to normal some time soon because this floundering feeling is very disconcerting.

Weather today: Grey, grey, grey  – but hey, a lot warmer than the UK where we spent Christmas. High 17ºC/63ºF. Low 9ºC/48ºF.   Wind, easterly 14kms/h.  Pressure 1016 mb and dropping. Relative humidity 67%. UV Index 2.  15% chance of rain. Snow above – They’re not saying.  Perhaps because they don’t expect any. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A milestone day

A short walk and I was exhausted

YES, today has been a bit of a milestone day in my hysterectomy recovery. Given that the sun finally came out and looked like it was staying out for a while I decided to put into action my plan to get some exercise to help me get stronger.
Doctor said I should walk, on the flat.  Trouble is I have to go uphill to get to the flat.  Hmm, what to do?  Drive or walk to flat bit?  I decided my midriff is too sore still to wear a seatbelt and I needed to move the old skeleton so I took to the road to walk up to the flat bit.  At my usual slow pace this takes 5 minutes.  But at my convalescent snail speed it took me 15 minutes.  When I got to the flat bit, I was exhausted.  
Dizzy, shaky and exhausted.  
Luckily the office is right there so I was able to sit down for a while and catch up with The American and Miss Moneypenny before The American kindly drove me home.  
The results of this outing threw me because I had been wondering whether I was fit to go back to work this week.  And it seems that I might not be.
Of course if I am lying around like Lady Muck, or sitting on my bottom in a comfy chair then I'm keen but anything more energetic than a bit of lounging  and I'm wiped out. Am now in a dither as to what to do but will see what the doctor says tomorrow.
Second grand event was this evening.  The Hockey Star has left to visit The Girlfriend in Holland, but without throwing the rubbish out first.  Given that the whiff was maturing rapidly in intensity (I don't want to discuss how long it had been waiting to be thrown out)  I took the bit between the teeth and drove the car up the hill, sans seatbelt, to throw it away.  Found getting in and out of the car quite tough.
But hey, I did both so although less well than I would have liked, I got there. And I now have a plan.  To drive to flat bit, then do some walking.  I know I will get very tired, but if I do a little each day it should help me get stronger.  It's strange feeling like a wimp.
Oh, and PS - Morning TV was all about feet today - and yes, it was interesting and yes, this is definitely an age thing.  I couldn't imagine any health programmes would have been of interest to me at 20.  
Weather today: Overcast and heavy showers first thing but the sky cleared around 11am and stayed that way for the rest of the day.  We even had some sunshine! High 15ºC/59ºF. Low 9ºC/48ºF.   Here there is some debate Aemet internet site says southerly 40kms/h, other sources say westerly 29 km/h and the RTVE gizmo here at the left of the this blog says NW 12kms/h.  Based on my sucked-finger-in-the-air report I’d go with the wind dying out over the course of the day.  Pressure 982 mb and stable. Relative humidity 67%. UV Index 2. Snow above 1,200 m.  

Morning TV

PISTOL start this morning for The Artist, so while he rushed around getting ready to leave for the big city I made coffee and toast for breakfast.  The Hockey Star was long gone when we got up, catching the seven o'clock bus to the university.  It was stilllll raining so I spent another day holed up at home (video of Saturday's deluge included today).  At one point I thought of foolishly going for my muscle-stretching short walk but decided it wasn't worth the risk of coming down with some lurgy. 
Especially after I discovered that I'd had almost 45% of my salary discounted for being on sick leave.  
Now I feel very sick.  
During my convalescence, especially while in the vegetative stage, I discovered morning TV and also, rather depressingly, that every morning the new health topic was of interest.  One morning it was arthritis (who luckily I've not had the acquaintance but The Artist has), then high blood pressure, menopause, then pelvic floor muscles.  Need I go on?  
This obsession with health is very senior-citizenish and must stop.  I must try and will myself into a younger frame of mind if a younger body isn't possible.

Weather today: Overcast and rain most of the day, clearing during the evening but everything is so soggy outside. High 13ºC/55ºF. Low 10ºC/50ºF.   WNW breeze 9 km/h. Pressure 982 mb and stable. Relative humidity 87%. UV Index 2. Snow above 1,200 m.