Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Morning TV

PISTOL start this morning for The Artist, so while he rushed around getting ready to leave for the big city I made coffee and toast for breakfast.  The Hockey Star was long gone when we got up, catching the seven o'clock bus to the university.  It was stilllll raining so I spent another day holed up at home (video of Saturday's deluge included today).  At one point I thought of foolishly going for my muscle-stretching short walk but decided it wasn't worth the risk of coming down with some lurgy. 
Especially after I discovered that I'd had almost 45% of my salary discounted for being on sick leave.  
Now I feel very sick.  
During my convalescence, especially while in the vegetative stage, I discovered morning TV and also, rather depressingly, that every morning the new health topic was of interest.  One morning it was arthritis (who luckily I've not had the acquaintance but The Artist has), then high blood pressure, menopause, then pelvic floor muscles.  Need I go on?  
This obsession with health is very senior-citizenish and must stop.  I must try and will myself into a younger frame of mind if a younger body isn't possible.

Weather today: Overcast and rain most of the day, clearing during the evening but everything is so soggy outside. High 13ºC/55ºF. Low 10ºC/50ºF.   WNW breeze 9 km/h. Pressure 982 mb and stable. Relative humidity 87%. UV Index 2. Snow above 1,200 m.