Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did I mention the wonderful cava cooler?

Is this cool or what? Here it is again, this time in its glorious green version. I shall remember this birthday, at least so far, for this toy and for the singing of Bear Necessities in the restaurant. We howled with laughter.

Happy Birthday!

Life is tough and then it gets so much better. Work over and off to dinner with the girls to celebrate Gony's birthday. There we sat, surrounded by luxury yachts, the full moon shining down on the Med in the company of old friends and enjoying excellent food. What a way to end the day. Then down to the hot bar area where we sat underneath the swaying palms and shared a bottle of cava in this truly wonderful cooler that shines from within and changes colour. If it had fit in our handbags we would have taken it. The evening only spoilt by the 20-year-old waiter saying "guapisimas" every time he came near the table and wasn't dribbling over some ridiculously dressed, skinny and incredibly good looking girl. I almost clobbered him with my sensible middle-aged handbag. A lovely evening... and a lovely prelude to my birthday, finished off with me holding a sparkler while we all sang Happy Birthday - and the wonderful thing was that at this age we just don't care who looks at us and if we make fools of ourselves - the only thing that matters is that we are enjoying ourselves tremendously.