Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh my goodness

RoboCop - I spent half an hour trying to persuade it to take my 6,30 euros
Oh my goodness.  I went to a slimming club this evening.  Came out with a lighter wallet and a wadge of things to read.  Got a parking ticket for being a blonde and not realising it.  Council offer of the day was fork out 60 euros at the police station or pay 6,30 on the spot.  I opted for the second.  Several other blondes had parked next to me so I felt a lot better.
At the slimming club I have been paired up with another lady, Christine, so that we don't let our partners down. We swapped phone numbers so we can encourage each other.  I found the British atmosphere a little alien particularly that baked beans seem to be allowed with everything. It made me realise I have become quite the native.  A lot of useful information including how to make a tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette) without olive oil.  I can't begin to imagine what The Artist would say about that.
 Came home and had two glasses of cava and a pizza.  Am now off to bed to read up info wadge and see where pizza fits in.  Joking apart, I start tomorrow.  Before my knees and hips give out forever.  I've been given a 1kg goal to lose this week.  Even I should be able to manage that.
No weather report - got a new widget on the side of the page that does it all for me.