Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tom Tom Go

AS I've managed to catch Tom, the stray who adopted us, on camera too I thought I'd introduce him. Ever since he's been coming over to the food bar at the kitchen window, he has blossomed from a frightened, skinny, abandoned waif to the glossy, confident, ankle-nipping chap he is today. I'm surprised our relationship didn't end when I whisking him away to the vet to have his balls chopped off. But today he's a lot happier for it and can dedicate himself 100 per cent to fattening up and lazing around without having to worry about what the ladies might think. A bit like the average middle-aged man.

In theory, I'm still looking to home him - and will probably have to when the cooler weather comes as The Artist is allergic to cats and it's just not fair on him to bring another one in. Only Kitty has avoided the camera this time. She's finding the heat hard to deal with and moves very little. It's hard to remember that she is an old lady as she is still lithe and agile.

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