Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's been a while, I know

It's been a while I know. I've been meaning to get back to writing this blog but have found all kinds of reasons not to. Today, though, in a five minute break after a stressful morning, I've decided to write a few lines.
My son's field hockey team are immersed in the regional play-offs for the national championships. It's serious stuff, and not for the weak-hearted.
Yesterday they played against the team from Cádiz and beat them, with difficulty. While their match was being played, the chaps from Madrid and Alicante arrived. They were HUGE. Real men, not young teenagers. At least they appeared to be, but they're not of course, as all players have to hand in their IDs with their birthdate on it - Even so, they were big and strong and we are having to bring in lads from the younger teams as we just don't have the personnel.
Beating Cádiz yesterday was a psychological plus.
Today our lads were up against Alicante who won against Madrid yesterday - so a lot of pressure. Our team played, what was for me the best game I've ever seen them play, and the drew 2-2. Boy did we, parents and friends, suffer. But the score much better than we expected. Bonzo played so well, I swelled up like a mother hen. He was impressive, but the effort took its toll and at the end of the match he almost fainted.
We spent a memorable half an hour or more in the changing room with me supporting his legs in the air while The Artist first fanned him cool, then rubbed him warm as he lay on the floor trying to get down a sugary drink. He was all over the place poor guy. Finally, he felt better and we came home, where on his request The Artist conjured up a mouth-watering paella, while our hero had a long shower.
Fully fed and restored he's now gone off to chill out with the rest of the team while they plan the strategy for tomorrow's game. I'm quite frankly exhausted!
Last night us mums, known as the Veteranas, had our weekly field hockey training session. We played a full hour on a half-field pitch which brought lots of complaints from us girls but our trainer wasn't hearing them. I didn't sleep at all well because I hurt all over. It was exhilarating and I can tell I'm getting fitter but boy this morning I felt I'd had the stuffing beaten out of me.

More tomorrow. If our team wins tomorrow, they're off to Zaragoza next week to play in the national championship - my nerves are shot to pieces!

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