Monday, December 1, 2008

Diet? Yes, diet, face lift, new body – everything…now

Aaaaaaarggghhh. I’ve just seen a vision of the future – me at 80. Three chins surrounded by bouffant streaked-blonde hair and wrinkles scratched like jet plane lines in the sky. Honest. In other words a woman of a certain age – and let’s not mention weight – even though we all know that the telly makes you fatter, my screen has just gone into overdrive. Never again will I let a TV camera film from the side, the swine.
The report was actually very good. Our football correspondent was an absolute star (no extra chins on her) and the clip was fun and informative but the blasted camerman certainly didn’t get my best side. Tomorrow I really am on the food straight and narrow.

I shall take my depression to bed, along with my dieting CD – which always sends me to sleep instantly, although the other night I did wake up to hear the old bat rattling away absolutely drivel – and to think I have been listening subconsciously to that every night.