Sunday, June 3, 2007

Garden body count

GLORIOUS Sunday. Cool breeze coming off the Mediterranean, sky blue, sun hot, shade deliciously cool and all the flowers are out in the garden - even the grass is still looking green. Sneaking around watering every two days now. Like I said before, no hosepipe ban but I still feel guilty as there are other parts of Andalucia that have water restrictions - so I try to be careful.
Sadly spring brings its usual garden body count as the cats sharpen their nails and hunting skills. So far four mice, one bird, one lizard and, thankfully, no snakes. Kitty is top for birds, Socki for mice and Tom? Who knows. On a very windy evening last week we came home to find Kitty had cornered a rather large baby blackbird. Luckily, with Mini Mama's screaming and flaying (distracting Kitty's attention) - it got away. Son picked up Socks and put him inside. Then he and I watched the hilarious spectacle of lithe Kitty running around the garden with Mini Mama thundering about behind her, trying to catch her. Finally, cunning won over speed - and in the house they came and we hoped the night would enable the blackbird to make it back to safety. No body - so looks like it did.

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