Friday, June 1, 2007

Lip Service

WHAT an experience! A couple of days off work and there I was with my mother and daughter (known to her inner family circle as Mini Mama on account of her being a smaller version of me) trawling the store I love to hate – El Corte Ingles. Love to hate because its overpriced and the shop assistants have no idea what customer service means. But mum loves it and she was only here for a short visit. While she tried on clothes I wandered over to some lipsticks claiming to pump up your lips to grouper fish size. What fun! I’d heard about them but never seen any before. With a less than generous upper lip I was game to try so while the shop assistant slapped on one she swore by – I chose another. Then we stood there for a while and watched how each other’s lips got redder and more swollen. On the inside, it felt like I’d kissed a stinging nettle. Not unpleasant but not something I’d like to go through on a regular basis. I thanked the girl, saying I’d be back another day and wandered back to mum. My daughter caught me up. She could see some difference. I definitely felt like a grouper fish by now but it was more apparent to me than to others.

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